Valda Berzins

Valda Berzins
Valda Berzins is an interior and exterior designer who has helped many clients bridge the gap between vision and reality. Her extraordinary capabilities to bring ideas to life and achieve unique results are qualities that she has utilised to position her design company, Valdasigns, at the forefront of the industry.

Valda’s successful home design and construction work can be seen across Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs, stretching all the way to the Dandenongs and Mornington Peninsula. Ms Berzin’s talent for recognising and fusing her client’s personal style with innovative designs, coupled with her ability to deliver on-time within budgets, are the driving forces behind the remarkable results achieved on all projects undertaken by Valdasigns.

In her time as a senior corporate executive, Ms Berzins refined and displayed her prowess in project and business management. These two key qualities are applied into current design projects to help clients achieve their goals within their desired timeframe and budget.
It is the combination of her talent, dedication and sharp acumen that has cemented Valda Berzins as one of the most interesting designers/entrepreneurs in Australia.


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